About The Artist

Created by Richard Quinn Morrison
These unique paintings are beautiful and stunning in any home! 
Created by ocean themed artist Richard Quinn Morrison - these unique surreal paintings are beautiful and thought provoking in a genre of painting that is ready for something new. The Enviro Surf Art Series embraces new techniques developed by Mr. Morrison to bring his uber creative works to life in a way that only he could imagine. This series of art has recieved media coverage in Surfer Magazine, The Surfer’s Path, Transworld Surf and beyond...
The Enviro Surf Art Series by Richard Quinn Morrison has been under wraps while it brewed to a perfect mixture of mood and mystery but is now ready to be released to collectors worldwide.


Mr. Morrison is of the world’s leading surf artists. He has produced volumes of top-selling merchandise for Op, Quiksilver, Zog Ind, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Paul Mitchell and many more. His works have been seen in Surfer Magazine, Transworld Surf, The Surfer’s Path, The Book of Paul Mitchell ‘Who Was He’ as well as Black Belt Magazine, Ultimate MMA Magazine and many other global publications.

Mr. Morrison had the Honor of being invited into the highly secure Walt Disney art vault, to pick out Disney characters to create his limited edition, Walt Disney commissioned works featuring vintage Disney characters (Mickey, Donald, The Big Bad Wolf, Toot, Plunk, Whistle, and Boom, and others).

Mr. Morrison resides in San Diego, CA and can be seen charging Blacks Beach and chasing his 2 sons Jake and Wyatt around the backyard on the weekends. 

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